Mermalade @ Publika.

Hello people,
Went to uni today, to take my transcript and meet up my babes.
And also give them their souvenirs, left Min havent take hers. hehe *kuai dian ohhh
Went to Marmalade@Publika for lunch, bacause they wanna have a try about that restaurant.
But the food was ok-ok, the environment not bad.
Long time din see them, talk like xiao za bo, macam 10 years didnt see each others.lolll  
Next year,we gonna separate, we gonna see each others through Skype or maybe Whatsapp je.
oh mannn, cant really imagine, maybe a year can see each other once, twice je. 
That is sad.
but who cares?
 enjoy our life FIRST (present tense)

Jo nad Vann

 Our food! my massala chicken rice, Jo and Amy's green bunny?! and Van's carbonara.

 First thing we do when food arrive is not taking up the spoon and fork.
But, is to pick up their phone and take picha firsttt

 Look at their environment.
Not bad, quite nice and quiet

 wo de Aii meiii

 Ring I bought in Aussie.
Nice rightttt??? =OOO

I know Vannnn, wo hen pretty rightttt???


 after talking, chit chat. Its time to go outdoor and take pitcha
After indoor section, sekarang outdoor.

 Not readyyy yetttttt

 Ignore the rubbish bin on the left. Nice picchaaa

 Okayyyy =)

 My look damn ugly pleaseeee. laughed like crazy because 
ai mei gaga keeps complaining about my hair -.-

After taking pichas like crazy,
went to next round, minum minum, NAMOo....amitooofohhh
Heard that their cake is quite good,
we tried, it was okok je, maybe we ordered the wrong cake. idk

 Namoo's entrance

Me and Jojo mei, posing with their menus

 Xiao van and ai meii meii

Namoo berry cake with a small bowl of ice cream

 Guess who is behind us?
It was chuckei and her sis. nehhh....pink hair girlll

 Hen piao liang laaaa ah JOOOo :)

 Last but not least. Group pichaaaaa =)))))

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