Australia, Brisbane. sneak peek

Hello people, 
Just came from from Australia few weeks ago.
went there not really for holiday, erm...not really holiday. 50% la. loll
The main reason of me and my family visited there was to attend my second brother wedding.
Was not a grand wedding, just a simple registration ceremony, and wedding dinner.
Brother invited his colleagues, closed friends, and family and relatives.
Mom, dad, two aunties and I flew from KL to Brisbane just to attend his wedding.
hehehehe, how sweet of usss. 
Went there for 12 days, didn't really travelled or played around
Just went to few places. makan makan and spent time together with my sister-in-law's side families.
For the first few days, I was feeling good, good whether, good mood, good food.
When 5th day comes, oh damnnn,  not feeling well at all.
Neck pain like hell, throat swollen and infection, skin ugly like hell(pimples popped out)
And I dont think is pimples, it was something disgusting.
Grow everywhere include my face and neck in ONE night. wth
Okay, forget about that.
And here, I uploaded few pichaas.
Just a sneak peek. hehehe
Will update very very soon. seee yaaaa

South bank night view, with that lovely couple 

Brother and his wife, Geraldine

 Yea...as you can see,she's alone and single =)

A picture took outside my sis in law's office.

Post boxes outside our house. cute rightttt?

Heyyyyyyy. sexy ladehhhhhh 

View with Manly@Brisbane

Jogging and pushing baby tram. cool right loll

Another side @ Manly

Treasury Casino@ Brisbane

Dessert time@ Max Brenner

Fabulous view from City cat.

ouhhhhhh, just love the night viewwww. sooo pretty

 Surfer paradise@Gold coast.

 Before registration ceremony. A picha with my sis in law. =)

During wedding dinner.
While someone was talking their speech to the audience, and bride and groom.

Will update more soon.
stay tuneee =)))

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