what the hell is this?

Hello people, went to uni to do my student visa with Min.
After that, headed to mid valley for lunch.
Keep thinking what to eat, end up chose Bulgogi brothers.
Bulgogi brothers at mv really..erm...dont really like it. 
Seriously, this is my first visit to Bulgogi brothers, and also my last time step in to this restaurant.
Dont really like their  food here, especially those small small dishes, appetisers. tak suka
Maybe it suits others people taste, but not me and Min.

Bulgogi Brothers Mid Valley

Lotus, Smashed pumpkin, Kangkung

 Kimchi, kangkung again, corn, sweet potatoes and that green bean.
and omg that green bean, fucking 'old'. chew like chewing gum

Hardly smile face. ;)

Look, others korean restaurant serve better appetisers. 

old corn? not juicy at all. dry like desert

Maybe this one taste good?
yea..really taste good.
 the best thing at this restaurant is their sweet potato.

Looks good but..thumbs down

Kimchi soup. 
Disappoint with this, not worth it.
just give few pieces of tofu, countable chicken, and the kimchi soup is like..not even half of the stone bowl.

Looks nice, thumbs down down.  
Through picture, this seafood pancake really looks good.
In our mind was like, oh..this really looks good, finally got something that can cheer us up.lol
Once we eat it. OMG disappointed. totally tasteless. And hardly see and seafood. 
alot of onions.

AND here,our food rating. Rate for the food in Bulgogi Brothers.
Through pictures. You can see the rating.

 Rolled eyes. Roll KAO KAOOOO

HEREEE....ice water is still the best.

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